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South Australia has committed to ensuring the River Murray stays healthy and functioning for now and for future generations.

Other states have not matched our commitment. Allegations of upstream rorting and water theft have gone unchecked. This needs to stop...

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Join us in calling for:

  • the Murray-Darling Basin Plan to be delivered in full and on time
  • an independent national body to make sure no one takes more than their fair share

3.4 million people rely on the Murray for their drinking water and their livelihoods

Why the river needs your help

Five years ago, South Australia led a Fight for the Murray to ensure the whole system would receive the water it needs to remain healthy and functioning, for the benefit of those that rely on it now and the generations to come.

That fight was won, and in 2012 all Basin states signed the basin plan – a plan which has begun to show real results with recovering floodplains and wetlands supporting more native fish and birds, and more efficient and productive irrigation industries.

But this is all now at risk.

While South Australia has committed time and money to manage the river well, other states have not matched our commitment, nor have they embraced the spirit of the agreement.

Some are not meeting their obligations. Some have failed to stop practices that damage the river, and allegations of rorting and water theft on a large scale have gone unchecked.

We need accountability, fairness and transparency to ensure a fair go for all – for communities, for businesses and for the environment. Here in South Australia, we’re doing our bit – and we’ll hold others accountable.

What can you do

We need accountability, fairness and transparency.

We are asking you to pledge your support to send the message that we need Basin states and the Australian Government to recommit to delivering the basin plan in full and on time, and an independent national body to ensure everyone does the right thing.

That is the only way we’ll keep a healthy, working River Murray for all.

The river doesn’t stop at the border

You don’t have to live near the river to support it.

We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to make things right and leave a healthy, working Murray for our kids.

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